About Us

In 2004, Hangchi Co., ltd.-- a high-end solar lighting brand, established in Shenzhen.Since its establishment,Hangchi Co., ltd. has always obeyed its mission---"providing the best solar energy products for human" . It is the forerunner of the current black technology research and development in the industry.

Hangchi Co.ltd has invented 29 utility model patents, 45 product design patents and 4 invention patents (including one PCT international invention). The most representative patents are ALS (Weather Adaptive System), FAS (Falseness  Automatic system) and TCS (Temperature Control System).

The founder of the brand, Mr. Gavin, has always spared no effort to solve the solar lighting's ultra-high brightness and long-lasting lighting time. Today's Hangchi Co.ltd, who with nearly 20,000 square meters well-equipped factory continues to shine in the new energy field. The excellent lighting designers and engineers are inheriting Hangchi Co.ltd's corporate 

Corporate Culture

Core-value:espect for personal innovation, establish correct moral concept, Service and customer-value-oriented to meet different customer needs
Vision:Become the Strongest  company in solar energy applications

Mission:Provide good solar products for humans

Corporate history

2004 :Hangchi Co.ltd established

2010::Hangchi Co.ltd developed SL-10P,SL-09P, and make them popular in the world.

2012:Hangchi Co.ltd developed SSL-01N series, causing industry sensation and rapidly occupying the global market

2017:Hangchi Co.ltd invented ALS technology and broke through the world bottleneck of short lighting time in rainy/cloudy days and realized 100% lighting throughout the year

Distributors in the World

Middle East:Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iraq

Africa:Algeria, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, Libya, Egypt

Aisa:Philippines, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam


North America:Mexico, United States, Canada

South America:Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile

R & D Team 

Development Team: New technology innovation,

10 senior software and hardware engineers.Self-developed products

4 structural engineers,

4 electronic engineers

2 software engineers,

1 optical designers

6 industrial designers.